I have tried my hand at blogging for a couple of years, a general summary of my life it included everything. The obvious successes have been those blog I have been very open and honest about our struggle to have a family.

I understand for a lot of people that this journey is a often painful and one they prefer to take alone, but for me I got tremendous comfort from knowing I had support all around me and most of all that I wasn’t alone.

I know many people will question why I am so open but I would simply ask them to read some of the many, many messages I have received privately thanking me. Or listen to the women who have stopped me at parties and in the street to say “thank you for sharing what I can not”.

We have been trying for a family for many years, we have had a long and sometimes difficult road and sadly it still has not ended in the dream I so desperately wanted. I decided that if the one good thing out of our situation is that I can support others as they go on their journey, that’s what I will do. I do not want the last 12 years to be for nothing. There are so many lovely success stories out there, but not too many about what you do if it doesn’t work.

I don’t have all the answers and some days I am very much still broken by our experience but if reading this blog gives just a little comfort to someone out there I feel I have spent my time well. I have separated the fertility topics from my main blog and will keep this one separate, I dedicate it to the memory of our beautiful angel babies. I hope that it does help you.