Ok so this is a little off topic but I’m going to share anyway because the blogs my diary sooooo. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. Lol.

Recently I made a decision to leave the career I had for the last 15 years in Advertising sales and go into business with my husband and expand our blind and curtain company.

It’s been scary. We have always had at least one regular wage to rely on even though my husbands business has always been lucrative we haven’t ever needed to worry. Doing this was a worry, what if it doesn’t work?!

I will start this by saying that I have always been quite a girly girl, not over the top pink girly but not really one to scramble up a mountain side etc either. So it was understandably a shock when people who know me found out I was going to work on building sites as my husbands labourer. I didn’t know if I could, especially with my injury’s from the accident but I wanted to try. I just knew because of those injury’s I wouldn’t be able to sit at a desk either, that chapter is closed, at least for now.

I’m also known for my equal rights opinions. I don’t believe I am better than anyone and no one is better than me either. I judge people by how they treat others, kindness goes a long way for me and acceptance of others even if you don’t understand their choices. Everyone has a right to be happy and equally no one should be judged because of the religion or race or sex.

Sadly there are what people perceived blue jobs and pink jobs. Now I didn’t ever imagine myself donning a high vis vest, hard hat and protective footwear and mucking in on building sites ….. but let me tell ya, here I am killing it all the same. Lol. 😂😂😂.

Why am I sharing this? Well I know there may be people reading this feeling frustrated in their careers and wondering what their next step is. I am writing this for you. I’m not suggesting all you ladies should drop your job and go get your Cscs cards and work on sites lol. No! Of cause not. But I am saying don’t let what you or others think is an appropriate job for you stop what could be an awesome opportunity!! Don’t let your own inner voice stop you, those inner negatives are the worst!!

When you struggle with infertility every year that passes becomes a – “what if we are pregnant by this time next year?” Then the year passes and you have perhaps deferred decisions or changes based on this journey to become parents. I have done this, to a point that I was miserable and felt totally aimless. Like I didn’t quite fit into this world, Childless and nearly forty. Well excuse my language but fuck that!! I’m done.

I haven’t been this happy in so long. My depression started when we lost Gavin. I didn’t realise just how low I was until I was allowing people to kick me while I was down and doing nothing to defend myself. I didn’t realise how much I had been faking it. My first couple of months in business has been so much fun. I love working with my hubby! Making money for yourself is a focus I can get on board with!!

I really love working on building sites, some of them aren’t ready for a lady on site. I get the odd sexiest remark, some stand still and ogle like I have three heads lol. But they all treat me with respect and I can do the job as well as anyone else. I am of cause still in pain from my injuries, but the sense of achievement of getting a job done is awesome and I am so proud of myself for that. That out weighs the pain I feel.

I would have looked at those jobs and thought. No way. I can’t do that that’s a blue job!! What rubbish. I can do anything I put my mind to and so can you!!

Change is always scary, but what if it works? What if a year from you are looking back thinking ….. why was I so scared??

Life’s too short to feel so stressed and miserable. Thank god I realised this!! I’m only going to shoot for the stars now.

Thank you Gavin for being my courage when I had none. I love you little bro. I miss you so much. Xoxo