Mother’s Day has been and gone and for the most part I survived this year unscathed. I thought of our babies, I wondered how my morning would have been different. As I always do, but I survived. 

Father’s Day is approaching and normally it passes without celebration.  Both my husband and I didn’t have dad’s growing up. Our mothers would get the cards and the thanks for being awesome enough to be both father and mother to us. This year I’m thinking about my husbands experience, what he’s missing because I can’t give him children. 

I feel the men on this fertility journey can often be over looked. Not least because in my husbands case, he won’t talk or say anything more than he isn’t bothered either way, he would be happy just us. Recently he has started to feel that he would like a child . A boy specifically but that’s for another blog lol. 

I don’t feel like he’s so wrapped up that this day will plague him like the alternative has me in the past 12 years, but my heart aches for the moment I would see him holding our child. So I know he must have thought of what the life would look like too. 

He loves his motorbikes, specifically Harley’s. Would he take him (or her like it or not we don’t get to choose 🙄🙄) to rally’s and events. Would he spend endless hours kicking a football around with them, setting up dens in the living room, camp outs in the front garden, wrestling on my new sofa that I would no doubt scold them for doing. 

We have a day to celebrate the fathers out there, and I feel like my husband, Ben should be celebrated too. He would be a wonderful father. 

I wanted to take a moment to say I am thinking about those who may find Sunday hard. You aren’t alone. Try and let your other halfs know you need some love. There is no shame in asking for a hand to hold. 

I hope that soon we are all able celebrate these days, I hope the world gets to see what an amazing father Ben would be.