I see you. 

Yes you, the guy behind the stressed out ovulating pumped full of fertility  treatment lady!! Don’t be scared….

The journey we go on as couples to have a family is a beautiful one to start with, full of promise and excitement. For those of us who have problems conceiving that can quickly devolve into a hormonal fuelled scream fest, because he didn’t put the lid back on the tooth paste ….. followed by a three hour hysterical crying fit that you often forget why you were crying the first place. AHHHH fertility hormones, you suck dude!!!

It’s important to to give a little nod to all the fellas and ladies out there who soothe the beasts within and still love us. Who have held our hands while we wait, while we cry. Who are the shoulder you need when the world seems so cruel you can not breath. That hold your heart together when it feels like it’s broken beyond repair. 

I feel the partner often gets the raw end of the deal during this process (shhh I know I know, don’t say it too loud!). When we have lost our babies all of the comfort is aimed at me. I felt like my hubby was a little over looked but each one was hard for him too. He might not show it. Watching someone he loves fall to pieces and feeling helpless to stop it is a heavy burden to bare. 

I’m so grateful for my husband. We are a team. And no matter where life takes us I always remind myself how lucky I am to have him. 14 years together and he is my best friend. Life gets busy and it gets hard sometimes but making time for our relationship is so important. This process has brought us closer together. It’s us against the world!!

As it’s Valentine’s Day I felt it was only right to send some love to my hubby, to all the hubbys, boyfriends and partners that have held our hands and kept us strong. 

You might not feel it all the time (like when cups and plates are whistling past your head because you forgot to put the bins out) but we love you. We couldn’t do it without you!  

…… and hey you never know, fertility drugs willing, there might be two women in your life next year stressing you out …. orrr maybe a little boy ally to help you hide. But if it’s just the two us …. that’s ok too. You are the only one I want to spend the zombie apocalypse with!